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The Quickest Induction Ever: Marcellas Reynolds of Big Brother 3

by C. Brian Devinney -- 10/09/2002
It takes a lot to be enshrined in the Reality TV Hall of Shame. It takes even more to be enshrined within mere hours of leaving the show you were on! But Marcellas has managed to do just that with his incredibly stupid move, which only compounded his previous behavior.

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It takes a lot to be enshrined in the Reality TV Hall of Shame. It takes a lot to be enshrined within hours of your departure from a reality show. However, there must be a first in every situation and I am honored to present a first right here. Mere hours after his eviction from the Big Brother 3 house, Marcellas Reynolds has become the latest inductee (while the date on this article indicates something later, Marcellas was actually inducted on the day after his eviction, before the Hall of Shame was given its own site). Without further ado, let's take a look at the myriad of reasons as to why the Chicago stylist has joined the pantheon of mediocrity.

Marcellas continually called himself the star of Big Brother 3 when at best he was the supporting actress who had her eyes set on the leading role. (Okay, before all of you get your panties in a wad that I have called Marcellas an actress, please be advised that this is a gay man writing this induction speech.) He was always complaining about being upstaged by Roddy, Jason, and Eric while they were in the house, when in reality he was doing nothing more than trying to draw attention to himself with his histrionics. Lest anyone forget, let me remind you of Boo the Gnome and Marcellas' hissy fit when there was the scant possibility that it might be destroyed during a Power of Veto competition. Let's be honest. I know men who are far more effeminate than Marcellas and I know for a fact that they never would have created such a ruckus over a hunk of plaster.

Even worse was his attitude during his first nomination period when Marcellas really turned on the drama. This was our first clue that Marcellas wasn't exactly Stable Mable. There was the Diary Room confessional where he cried out that he was going to "die in [the] house" and pounded on the chair in anger. This was a sign that Marcellas wanted the game to be played by his rules and not the rules that were firmly established prior to entering the house. Whenever things did not go his way, it was a conspiracy against him in some form - whether it was the producers preferred Jason or Roddy over to him (the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, for example); Jason choosing him over Lisa or Danielle for a nomination, claiming he had provided great assistance to Jason; or when he and Amy were first nominated together and he argued against her receiving a single vote - even if it was out of sympathy.

Then there was the germophobia thing. I have only met one person in my entire life who comes close to Marcellas. Her name was Stacey and she would never open a door using her bare hand. She would pull down the sleeve of her sweater/shirt/jacket/whatever, have that cover her hand, and then open the door. Of course I pointed out to her that instead of the germs being on her hand they were now on her shirt which would brush against her hand, but that just never seemed to faze her. So there's Marcellas, turning on the faucets with his elbows (honey, the germs still got on you) and dousing everything with the alcohol he brought with him. I hope he follows through on getting rid of those clippers he brought with him because otherwise he will prove yet another one of my points...

Marcellas is a lying, two-faced, double-crossing bastard. Loyalty means nothing to him. He promised Roddy (and it's on tape) that he wouldn't nominate him to be evicted from the house and, in fact, the two of them would work together to make sure that they were the final two. But sure enough, there he was as the Head of Household nominating Roddy up against his own friend Amy for eviction from the house. Did he completely forget that conversation in the hot tub where Roddy stripped down in front of him and stroked his arm and made him all blushy and giggly and he was willing to sell out his alliance-mate Danielle - WHICH HE DID! Yes, he sold out his alliance to the cute man. He was sitting there spilling his guts out to Roddy about everything that Danielle had said and then he was surprised when Roddy took it back to Danielle and confronted her with it. Loyalty was never his strong suit, as evidenced by my next point...

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