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Blowing His Big Chance: Tough Enough 3's Wendell

by Mike DeGeorge -- 10/24/2002
Tough Enough, like other reality shows, has provided no shortage of potential Hall of Shame entries. Yet Wendell, who didn't even make it to the regular cast, is the first induction from the show. Why? Read on.

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When we first met Wendell on WWE Tough Enough 3, he reacted badly when trainer Al Snow asked if he would shave his head. Not exactly proving that he'd do whatever it took. Nevertheless, Al commented that he thought Wendell had the tools to win the contract.

Al and the others went with their gut, and advanced Wendell to the round of 25. During the workout, the trainers noticed that he wasn't giving his all. When questioned, he claimed he wasn't feeling well. He teetered and acted light-headed in a performance that would make a porn actress hang her head in shame. Al chewed him out and sent him to the medic.

After, naturally, being given a clean bill of health, Wendell returned to the workout and quickly returned to his excuses. When confronted, he collapsed again. Al dragged him to his feet and told him he didn't have what it took, and that's when it happened. Wendell straightened up and forgot that he was supposed to be weak. Al snapped, and Wendell was another unhappy memory.

But we're here to make sure that people like Wendell don't get off that easily. Does he deserve to be in the Reality TV Hall of Shame? We think so.

First, he had exactly the WRONG attitude for this show. This isn't Survivor, where you can skate through under someone else's wings. If you're not cutting it, you get cut. There's no hiding. Even if you think you're doing a great job, if the trainers think otherwise, you're gone. Coming in with an attitude is the best way to stand out.

Wendell also talked WAY too much. It's one thing to have a big mouth, it's another to have a big mouth and not be able to back it up. Wendell claimed he was the best, partly because he had been in the ring two whole times. I'll bet that really impressed the trainers.

Speaking of impressing the trainers, Al Snow has been in the business for fifteen years. He's trained numerous WWE Superstars, including Kane. For Wendell to think he could fool an experienced hand like Al Snow takes him beyond foolish and into the territory of stupid.

Speculation is that Wendell wanted to pretend that he was having trouble, then make a superman comeback, proving how tough he was. Now, I'm no trainer, but I wouldn't imagine that this strategy would do anything more than make the trainer's think you weren't Tough Enough.

But being a moron shouldn't be enough to make it into the Reality TV Hall of Shame. If it were, this page would be overflowing with 90% of reality show participants, including Darryl from the first season. What makes Wendell special?

Simple. He could have made it. Al thought that Wendell had what it took. He had a decent look, a good physique, and a strong personality. Darryl was chosen for the finals because of his size. Wendell was chosen because the trainers actually thought he had a good chance to win. Had he given it his all, he was probably a lock for the finals. Hell, had he given it any… But he blew it. Not only didn't he win, he didn't even make it past the first show.

What's more, and what irritates me as much as anything, is that Wendell took the place of someone who might have legitimately had a chance - and wanted the chance. I've heard from at least two contestants from the round of 75, and they'd love to get their hands on Wendell and make him stagger and collapse for real. Mr. Attitude cost someone else their chance at the contract, and that is unforgivable - and shameful.

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