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Don’t Pity the Quitter: Tough Enough 3’s Jill

by Sting7 -- 10/25/2002
Jill wanted to be a wrestler – she wanted to be on WWE Tough Enough 3. She applied, and made it to the round of 75. She worked hard, making it to the round of 25. She kept right on working, doing better than many and making it to the house – she was on the show. She trained through pain. So what did she do to end up in the Hall of Shame? Read on for the shameful story.

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This is the story of a girl named Jill. She’s a pretty little thing, a bit of a Janet Jackson thing going. And a talented athlete, to boot! Jill met a big, smiling, strapping boy named Jonah. They connected, they really connected, in the biblical way. Jonah had a girlfriend at the time. He didn't tell Jill until they did what they did. She was furious. Had every right to be.

Fast-forward to the auditions for WWE Tough Enough 3. The 75 people were specifically chosen to try out for the show. She got the call. Guess who else got the call? Jonah. She didn't know he was gonna be there, he didn't know she was gonna be there. As awkward as this could have been, they managed to bond. Jill had just had her wisdom teeth (plural) out, was in great pain, you could see her jaw was swollen and looked a little bruised. But our girl Jill toughed out the grueling physical tests. She made the show! So did Jonah!

Jill got along with the rest of the cast. She appeared to take the bumps fine, even with the disadvantage of already being in pain. She asked for no special treatment and she was given none. She made a point of saying her dentist told her she was doing all the wrong things to get better, but she "wants this." Oh, really?

The first night after training, Jonah and Jill share some more good times and, the next morning, Jonah decides to tell her that he STILL has a girlfriend (he apparently lied or misled her about this). She is again furious. And again, she has every right to be.

But what does she do about it? Tell him he’s a world class jerk? Take that anger as fuel and channel it into her work? Chalk it up to ‘lesson learned’ and know that she and Jonah can never be close and leave it at that? Maybe put some itching powder in his bed. He deserves it. What does do?

She quits.

Jill calls her father and in a churlish voice of a six-year-old who can’t have a cookie, tells her father that she wants to quit. “Why?“ he asks. “I just do,” she pouts. “Yeah, but why?“ He asks. “I just do,” she says again. Her Dad presses her for an answer. He wants to understand. She flings out something like, “I just don’t like it. It’s like some freaky boot camp here.” She’s seen the show. She has no reason to be surprised by anything that has happened. Remember, the 75 chosen to interview had to submit tapes, and you can be sure that she had to demonstrate some knowledge about wrestling and Tough Enough. TE3 wanted no surprises. But she gave them a big one.

The deal is this: Jonah breaks her little heart and she quits. Don’t feel sorry for her, trainer Al Snow said, and he’s absolutely right. Big and the rest of the TE3 trainers were OUTRAGED. They sent seven other people home who would have given various limbs to be where she is and she quits? She absolutely wasted their time. The other cast members had a chance to speak their minds, of those shown only Kelly told her what BS this was.

It was absolutely immature, disrespectful, cowardly, and arrogant of her to do this to TE3M, the WWE, MTV, and all the others who tried out for the show. And herself. Great expense is paid for these shows, the house the contestants are staying in is phenomenal. The training she was getting is invaluable. She was learning in a few months what some wrestlers take years of trial and error and pain to get. And WWE already knows about her! She won’t have to break her rump to get noticed like so many independent wrestlers. She didn’t even have to win! Ask Chris Nowinski! Time, money, opportunity. Wasted!

If she were struggling with the bumps, like so many before her had, you could understand. Her physical ability was not the problem. In fact, she was showing unique toughness enduring the ring training all while her mouth was throbbing. Without pain killers. Anyone who has had wisdom teeth removed knows what it feels like. She would have been rewarded for that. Just ask Jackie Gayda, who continued training against doctor’s orders. Or Maven, who continued training while his mother was critically ill in the hospital. It’s clearly the Tough Enough way: you give yourself and you get rewarded.

She had the opportunity of a lifetime. She blew it. She has no one to blame but herself. She has the indignity of receiving the most brutal exit in the history of Tough Enough (it was actually worse then Wendell’s, and he has already been inducted into the Hall!). Welcome to the Hall of Shame, Jill. It’s where you belong.

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