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Hall of Shame Moment: Zach Unzips While Flo Gives Up

by David Bloomberg -- 12/06/2002
Zach and Flo, the two "friends" participating in The Amazing Race 3, have managed to make it into the final four teams. But their progress has not been easy - especially on the ears of those who have had to listen to Flo screech. One moment stood out as particularly shameful in the ninth episode when Zach gave up precious time and Flo just plain gave up.

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Zach and Flo, the two "friends" participating in The Amazing Race 3, have managed to make it into the final four teams. Along the way, however, Flo (nicknamed "Yak" by others - thus making them the team of "Zach and Yak") has earned a well-deserved reputation for screeching while Zach has generally sat back and been calm through it all, though I honestly don't know how. Whenever he tried to save a little money, she would screech and get her way. Whenever he would try to make a decision, she would screech and get her way. Then she would complain that he makes all the decisions without consulting her.

But none of those quite rose to Hall of Shame behavior… until now. Actually, it took both of them together to earn this Hall of Shame Moment. In particular, the "moment" in question took place during the first leg of two-part episode 9.

It wasn't enough that Flo had been flirting with Drew (of the Twins team) increasingly over the past few days. It wasn't enough that she decided to spend all of the time on the car train with Drew rather than her own partner - leaving him alone in their car while she sat with the Twins. It wasn't enough that she did essentially the same thing on a long plane ride. She treated her "friend" like dirt.

But then, it all really hit the fan. Zach, after taking quite a while to put together a bike (while Flo whined and pouted), decided that he had to unzip his pant legs and convert them to shorts. Flo, of course, would have none of this. And while I hate to say it, this time she was right. They were competing for last place. They had just been in a non-elimination round, so what were the odds that this would be another one right after? Teri and Ian had taken off ahead of them, but the younger Zach and Yak could perhaps have caught up. Indeed, Teri even had an accident that slowed them down further. But Zach decided to switch into shorts.

He would later say that the pant legs would have gotten caught in the gears. What, he's never ridden a bike with long pants before? It didn't seem to be a problem for anybody else. It seems like a very strange thing to think, overall, and that was his contribution to this Hall of Shame Moment.

After that, it was all Flo again. Zach taking off his pant legs had been the last straw for Flo. She screeched even more than before (who would have thought it was possible?). She whined that they had lost. Now that he had changed, Zach wanted to hurry up in an attempt to overtake Teri and Ian. Flo figured they had lost and so didn't want to bother tiring her poor self out. This was, frankly, idiotic and childish. The childish part is obvious, but the idiotic is because there have been so many twists and turns throughout the race that you would think people would learn that there is always a chance. People get lost (which Teri and Ian have been known to do), people fall (which Teri did), people get tired (okay, usually that's Flo), etc. But Flo wanted no part of that. She wanted to whine and cry and screech some more, and eventually throw her bike helmet into the lake.

Zach kept on encouraging her to get moving. After getting off the bikes, he wanted to run to the paddle boats. Flo would have none of it. "We're losing anyway so I might as well walk." Then she made rude comments about how they were going to lose to some old retired people. Etc.

Unfortunately, Zach and Yak were saved because it was indeed a second non-elimination round in a row. At the time, I thought, "Well, that blows the Hall of Shame Moment." But upon further thought (and some urging of other writers for the site), I reconsidered. After all, it was a shameful moment even though luck saved them. Zach should not have wasted precious time switching his pants to shorts. Flo should not have given up. If there were true justice in reality TV, the two of them would have been out in that leg of the race. Instead, the best we can do is recognize their shameful behavior here.

David Bloomberg is the Editor of the Reality TV Hall of Shame, and can be reached at

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