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Hall of Shame Moment: Big Brother 2’s Shannon, a Toothbrush, and a Whole Bunch of Germs

by C. Brian Devinney -- 12/09/2002
Everybody remembers a few specific events from Big Brother 2. One that stands out is Shannon’s use of Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the house toilet. If that doesn’t deserve recognition as a Hall of Shame Moment, nothing does.

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It was one of those moves in a game that is done entirely out of spite.

Big Brother 2 will be remembered for a number of things: the eviction of Justin Sebik, Nicole's maniacal ramblings, Bunky crying, and the formation of Chilltown – a ragtag threesome who just happened to think that the entire show revolved around them and that their fellow contestants were their supporting cast.

Chilltown was composed of Mike Boogie, a bar owner/wannabe actor from California; Will, a doctor from Miami, Florida; and Shannon, a... well... let's see, she sold real estate, captained a boat, and did some modeling so we can call her a consultant. Mind you now, Will and Shannon hooked up in the house by the third day and were cuddling in the same bed. Mike Boogie... well, he just annoyed people.

Things came to a head during the third nominations when Hardy, a model and now B-movie actor, nominated Shannon and her in-house romeo, Will, for eviction. Strategically, it was a smart move as it placed two-thirds of the Chilltown Collective up for nomination and effectively neutralized Mike Boogie from effectively campaigning for either Shannon or Will. This is where Shannon stepped in and took things in her own hands.

Hardy was brushing his teeth in the bathroom with his electric toothbrush when Shannon passed him. He took this moment to have an ill-timed gloating session, laughing to himself in the mirror. Shannon took this information to Chilltowner Mike Boogie and decided that it was time to scrub the toilet – with Hardy's electric toothbrush. Smart – no. Childish – yes. But, as viewers of the show had come to learn from the Chilltown Trio, being childish was just a way of life.

With toothbrush in hand, Shannon exposed the bristles of the brush to the interior of the toilet giving it a good long scrubbing and insuring that millions (if not billions) of nasty germs that would eventually make their way into Hardy's mouth. Minutes after doing so, Shannon was called into the Diary Room, where she was instructed to inform Hardy of what she had done. For those of us sitting at home, it was one of those moments that made us say out loud, "Did you really think that you were going to get away with it?"

Shannon told Hardy that she broken his toothbrush when it fell off the counter – a total lie. Hardy immediately accepted this explanation and replaced the brush. (Interesting to note, however, is that according to the rules of Big Brother 2 as explained to me by a former castmate, this should have led to an automatic eviction from the house as she was tampering with, if not damaging, the personal belongings of one of the contestants.) After some time to ponder what had happened, lightbulbs started going off in Hardy's head. To him it seemed improbable that his toothbrush had been knocked off considering where he had placed it. He rightly knew that something had to have happened to have caused it to fall.

Shannon, pleading her innocence much like O.J. Simpson who promised to find the real killers of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman after he was acquitted at his trial, "confessed" in the Diary Room that she never would have allowed Hardy to put the toothbrush in his mouth. Once again, viewers at home responded with, "You have to be kidding me." Did Shannon actually expect us to believe that? And not put the final phase of her plan into action? Would she not enjoy watching Hardy put the toothbrush in his mouth right after it had been in the toilet?

Sorry, Shannon, we didn't buy it then and we certainly don't buy it now. Your actions did nothing more than prove how childish you could be and how low you would actually go. It was a moment that truly belongs in the Reality TV Hall of Shame.

C. Brian Devinney is a human resources consultant from New York City. When not reporting on reality TV, he can be found rooting on his beloved Yankees, writing in his online diary, Tales From the City, or designing new items for his online store He can be reached at

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