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Acting Like a Two-Year-Old: Heidi of ‘Joe Millionaire’
by David Bloomberg
Joe Millionaire’s Heidi had a boyfriend at home, but she wanted to try on another one who had more money. She claimed that she didn’t get upset when things don’t go her way – that she hasn’t acted like that since she was two, yet that was exactly the way she acted on national TV. Simply put, Heidi acted in a shameful manner.
2002 RealityNewsOnline/Reality TV Hall of Shame Year in Review Awards: "Worst Of" Segment
by RealityNewsOnline/Reality TV Hall of Shame Staff
2002 is over, but it's time for us to look back and see which reality shows and reality show participants deserve special mention, either for good or for bad. This portion of the awards addresses the bad, while RealityNewsOnline has the flip side of the coin. Read on to find out who "won" and why!
Following Jerri on ‘The Surreal Life’ – Episode 1: So Far, So Bad
by David Bloomberg
With most inductions into the Reality TV Hall of Shame, it ends there. The person has been on a show, acted shamefully, and that was that. But Jerri Manthey is now on another reality show, The Surreal Life. Let’s take a look at the first episode, which is not setting a good example for her supposed behavioral change.
Jerri Manthey, Wicked Witch of “Survivor 2”
by David Bloomberg
Survivor 2’s Jerri acted as though she knew there would be a Reality TV Hall of Shame and was desperately trying to get in. She was nasty, picked fights, showed no regard for the feelings of others, and even continued this behavior long after the show was over. Her behavior was, simply put, shameful.
Hall of Shame Moment: Big Brother 2’s Shannon, a Toothbrush, and a Whole Bunch of Germs
by C. Brian Devinney
Everybody remembers a few specific events from Big Brother 2. One that stands out is Shannon’s use of Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the house toilet. If that doesn’t deserve recognition as a Hall of Shame Moment, nothing does.
Hall of Shame Moment: Zach Unzips While Flo Gives Up
by David Bloomberg
Zach and Flo, the two "friends" participating in The Amazing Race 3, have managed to make it into the final four teams. But their progress has not been easy - especially on the ears of those who have had to listen to Flo screech. One moment stood out as particularly shameful in the ninth episode when Zach gave up precious time and Flo just plain gave up.
An Entire Season of Shame: The Anna Nicole Show
by Dale Sherman
We've already inducted Bobby Trendy and Anna Nicole Smith as individuals, but The Anna Nicole Show has a whole cast of shameful character in shameful situations. And if we didn't already think so, there are plenty of viewers and readers out there who have written in to share their thoughts, which we bring to you here as well.
Hall of Shame Moment: Colby’s Final Decision in “Survivor 2”
by David Bloomberg
Sometimes we here at the Reality TV Hall of Shame recognize overall horrible behavior. Other times, though, a player might overall be a decent person, but make shamefully poor game-based decisions. When it came time for Colby to pick somebody to take into the final two of Survivor 2, he had one of those moments.
Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna Nicole, She’s So Much Nothing...
by Jill Sherman
What can we say about Anna Nicole Smith? If it isn’t obvious that she deserves to be in the Hall of Shame, nothing is. She contributes nothing to the world, throws tantrums, and is cruel to those around her. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
The Anna Nicole Show’s Bobby Trendy: The Style of Ineptitude
by Dale Sherman
The first season of Anna Nicole Smith’s reality series has ended with low ratings, lawsuits, and bitterness. If there is one person on the show that combines all the horrible elements of the series in a repetitive, mind-numbing way, it is that of decorator and irritant Bobby Trendy. For this, Bobby gets to be the first inductee from the show into the Hall of Shame. Find out why here.
Hall of Shame Moment: Three Climbs Up the Eiffel Tower for Lenny
by Jeffrey Clinard
Lenny and Karyn from The Amazing Race 1 were never a good racing team - nor even a good "team" at all together. But one moment stands out from all the others, when Lenny made not one, not two, but three trips up the Eiffel Tower.
The Hypocritical Winner: Vecepia Towery
by Charlie Reneke
Up until now, we have never seen a reality TV show winner inducted into the Hall of Shame. After all, most people who do shameful things end up losing – often because of them. But when we look back to the winner of Survivor: Marquesas, we see Vecepia Towery, a woman who was shameful in both her victory and what she had to say afterwards.
Hall of Shame Moment: Clarence Black Spilled the Beans
by Jeffrey Clinard
Clarence Black may have made it until the merge in Survivor: Africa, but really, his excommunication had been assured within the first three days. By stealing food while the rest of the tribe was out getting water, Clarence assured himself a quick exit when he was no longer needed. And he also assured himself a Hall of Shame Moment.
Hall of Shame Moment: No Loophole for the Lawyers When ‘Amazing Race’ Says “Walk”
by David Bloomberg
Heather and Eve, the law school roommates of The Amazing Race 3, were doing fairly well. They have overcome some difficult spots and were solidly in the pack. But then they misread a clue. OK, such things happen. But what happened when they realized they had misread it is what really makes their situation into a Hall of Shame Moment.
Don’t Pity the Quitter: Tough Enough 3’s Jill
by Sting7
Jill wanted to be a wrestler – she wanted to be on WWE Tough Enough 3. She applied, and made it to the round of 75. She worked hard, making it to the round of 25. She kept right on working, doing better than many and making it to the house – she was on the show. She trained through pain. So what did she do to end up in the Hall of Shame? Read on for the shameful story.
Blowing His Big Chance: Tough Enough 3's Wendell
by Mike DeGeorge
Tough Enough, like other reality shows, has provided no shortage of potential Hall of Shame entries. Yet Wendell, who didn't even make it to the regular cast, is the first induction from the show. Why? Read on.
Hall of Shame Moment: Rotu-Rooter, That's Their Name, and Their Win Went Down the Drain
by Ken Kellam III
It caused the biggest power shift in Survivor history – the Rotu 4 telegraphed their plans in an immunity challenge and gave away their likely win by forcing a counter-alliance that never would have happened otherwise. This, folks, was a true Hall of Shame Moment.
Hall of Shame Moment: Team Guido’s Blocking Maneuver
by Jeffrey Clinard
Joe and Bill, aka Team Guido, were a team of two life partners in the first Amazing Race who raced with intelligence for the entire race, only to be eliminated on the final leg, with themselves in Alaska while the remaining teams were in New York, celebrating the victory of Rob and Brennan. A fitting end to a team that made themselves, to quote Kevin and Drew "Outcasts." But one moment stands out as particularly shameful in their quest to win.
Taking the Game Too Far: Ghandia Johnson of ‘Survivor: Thailand’
by Peggy Keller
Some players end up being mentioned in the Reality TV Hall of Shame for forgetting that it’s all a game and not going far enough in their strategy. But this time we have somebody who went too far. Ghandia Johnson, of Survivor: Thailand, earned a quick induction by using the incident with Ted to attack him personally in a way that goes far beyond the game. She took an important issue for women everywhere and turned it into a crass attempt to win a game show.
Hall of Shame Moment: Sook Jai’s Shameful Behavior In and After the Episode 3 Reward Challenge
by David Bloomberg
It is not uncommon for teams on Survivor to blow a challenge. But in Episode 3, Sook Jai took a comfortable lead and turned it into a loss by completely ignoring the rules. To compound their stupidity, Robb acted shameful in his loss – towards Jeff Probst, Clay, and pretty much everybody else in the vicinity. Sook Jai’s actions deserve to be recognized as a Hall of Shame Moment.

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